Erica greyi & greyii both inactive

PoWo has Erica greyi -
However both Erica greyi and Erica greyii are inactive -
Is it possible this was a taxon change that was incompletely performed leaving nothing active?
There are flags on both species about the problem.
The “quick” solution would be to activate Erica greyii since that is where the last swap was to.
Since it’s a matter of spelling I would think if it should be changed to greyi per PoWo then if there’s not a natural way to do it it might be least problematic to just rename greyi to greyix, then greyii to greyi then greyix to greyii ?

Putting this info on a flag is the best way to get to this fixed. You can tag some plant creators if you like.


@tonyrebelo I think you’ll be good to ask as you performed the taxon swap!

Certainly makes sense, I’ll do that in future! I’ll see how my tag below proceeds for this moment…

I’ve closed this thread as, @thomaseverest noted, this type of situation is best addressed on a flag on the taxon on iNat itself and not on the forum.

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