Taxon swap fails to swap all IDs of an observation?

See this observation and the swapped IDs and note that everyone’s but sunnyspi’s IDs were swapped, leaving her ID as an inactive taxon. I have seen this behavior many times. It seems like if there are more than two IDs of the same taxon in an observation that are to be swapped, it sometimes doesn’t swap the last one. Is this a known issue?

You can opt out of automated updates to your IDs. I’ve seen this same issue before with this same user, so I’m guessing that’s what happened. They responded when I mentioned them, though, so some may just have slipped by unnoticed (which is why I would recommend not unchecking that).

Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 8.45.18 AM

Seems like they need to remove this option. It’s creating a mess.

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I wonder what the point of this being an option is? having a bunch of observations assigned to inactive taxa doesn’t seem to be an option worth having. perhaps it’s my bias in that I don’t think people should have a blanket disable on the community taxon and it should only be case-based. some things just make the community a bit more messy.

Yeah I agree it’s not very useful, especially because the IDs are inactivated anyway so they don’t even do anything if there’s another active ID. But I think it gives users autonomy with their own data, so someone else can’t come along and change it from what they want.

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