Erroneous non-affiliation & affiliation change prompt

Platform: Website (

Browser: Chrome, Firefox; appears to be irrespective of browser.


Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Sorry, no screenshot of my affiliation in the unaffiliated state, but it was. I re-affiliated, and now it shows correctly upon accessing it again:


Description of problem:

I have no means of replicating this.

However I had previously set my iNaturalist affiliation to Canada (, although I regularly browse using the international portal ( I did not change my affiliation. (I have not even accessed my account settings for some time.) After seeing the banner, when I accessed my account settings, there was no affiliation; just the default. I then updated it to the Canadian option.

There was a previous thread in this vein, Erroneous banner prompting affiliation change, however that was an instance where the web interface incorrectly reported the user’s lack of affiliation and @carrieseltzer had stated that the issue was resolved. So this may be a new issue.

For my own purposes, it appears to be solved simply by going to the account settings and re-applying the affiliation.

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