Erroneous banner prompting affiliation change

Website, Chrome

As of today, this banner appeared for me:

But I already am affiliated with iNat Australia…

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I’ve been having the same issue - the banner doesn’t seem to want to leave, even after interacting with it…


Yes, very irritating, isn’t it?! It needs to go.

Same, but for me it’s Perhaps it’s because we’re using instead? It took a couple of tries to get the banner to go away. Seemed to not want to take no for an answer.

Probably the result of a code change yesterday. Please give the developers some time to look into it – the sun isn’t even up yet in their time zone.


It won’t take yes for an answer either.

Sorry, folks. I think I can replicate. Do you see this after clicking “Yes”?

But then when you visit a new page the prompt appears again?

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I’m not sure I can reproduce the repetition of the prompt after selecting “No”. Did you have more than one tab open? Do you know how many times you clicked “No”, and over what period of time?

And lastly, were you already affiliated with

@carrieseltzer, I’m getting the same. Clicked “Yes” in the prompt, got the image , and checked affiliation. It changed my affiliation to, but the prompt shows up for me on still.
I was not already affiliated with already (it was and I only have the one tab open.
Clicking “No” made it go away and it’s not showing up anymore.

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yep, that’s exactly what happens


I think I did have more than one tab open, but the banner appeared on the Dashboard page more than once, probably in different tabs.

I clicked no twice on my Dashboard page the first time it loaded (the second time pretty fast, as nothing happened the first time, and I thought it might have mis-clicked), and twice on another open tab when I took that one to the Dashboard page (again,quickly, because I had been trained to click twice from my first experience.). That time I got a note saying I could edit my profile at any time. I have not seen the banner again.

I am already affiliated with

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We think we’ve resolved these issues now. If anyone else encounters any unexpected prompts about changing affiliation, please let us know.