Error occured when trying to donate to iNat

Platform: Website

Browser: Chrome


Screenshots of what you are seeing:

Description of problem: I have attempted to donate twice, on two different days. Both times this banner appears that says an error has occurred during processing of my card. I have receved no confirmation of payment from trying to donate either time, so I know the money was not sent.


Hi @abrub, thank you for willingness to donate and sorry it isn’t working! I suspect what’s happening is that either your bank or our payment processor (stripe) is blocking the transaction because they suspect it is fraudulent. Can you send an email to to confirm the email address associated with your attempted donation? I will see if we can investigate further and correspond with you directly.


Will do!

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This particular issue has been resolved so I’m going to close it. If anyone else encounters this problem in the future, there are two main causes:

  1. Your bank has blocked or declined the transaction. In this case you’ll need to contact them for resolution.
  2. The payment processor blocked the transaction. In this case, we’ll need to contact them to allow it.

If it happens to you, please try contacting your bank first, and if they can’t help you, please email and we’ll work with the payment processor to resolve it. I know it’s a pain, so big thanks to anyone this persistent!