Error when submitting id or comment on tab left often from previous session

Not sure if this really a bug or just something stupid I keep on doing. Frequently I’ll leave iNat observation pages open in my browser when I want to remember to look at them again to id or comment on another day.

The tabs get retained when I close and then reopen my browser later and appear normal. So I go to select an id and sometimes type up a long explanation with links, etc. in the comments. I hit submit and get an error message and everything I typed is just gone.

I’m not even able to hit the back button to go back and retrieve the text I typed out like you sometimes can with forms that fail to submit. If I reload an old retained iNat browser tab before typing out something and then submitting it will work fine… but I often forget to do that! Any way to not wipe out the text in the box when the form fails to submit? Or why does the form fail to submit on retained tabs for me?