Failed to save comment

Platform: Website, Windows 10

Browser: Chrome Version 87.0.4280.88 (Official Build) (64-bit)


Screenshots of what you are seeing:
I think it was the same pop-up as in

Description of problem:

Step 1: I was writing a comment yesterday and I had not submitted it.

Step 2: I tried to save the comment today and it got that error. It seems I have hit some timeout after having the page open too long.

If it gets that error, I guess the nice thing would be to stay on the unchanged page so that I can at least copy my comments, reload the page, and try again.

Anyway, not critical. Keep up the good work!


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It might not work, but sometimes you can click the “backpage” in your browser and it will go back to the edit screen with the “browser saved field contents”.

I have a dodgy computer, that will just decide to crash at annoying times… usually when I am getting near the end of a long post, or editing an image, and jsut before I choose to save it. Consequently, I do most of my long response writing in a notepad file, saved on my desktop, and I “ctrl-s” literally after every full stop that I type! Then I can copy and paste in when done, and delete the desktop file as a cleanup. Sometimes I start out thinking “I’ll just post this quick reply” (like now!) and end up writing a book, and often those end up suffering the crash when it extends to something longer than “quick reply”, and those I take as a sign from above that my input just wasn’t really needed!


I tried that, but my comments were lost. I have also used an external editor to create text in the past when I knew of the risk in some application. Anyway, being a software developer myself, I was mostly just wanting to alert the developers incase it was something that could be improved on. Thanks

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Thanks, I’ll bring it to our team’s attention.