Established Users: How did you Find iNaturalist?


@charlie In the intro, you ask about any categories that should be added - I wonder if “I don’t remember” might be one. I wonder how many people who chose “Other” would have chosen that instead. Thanks for starting a great topic :-)

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Why are so many people liking this ?

It’s not funny. Even if something good did come out of it.



i think it’s a different interpretation of the ‘like’ button. To me, doing it is the equivalent of ‘nodding’ in a conversation when i don’t have anything to say, much more so than saying ‘oh, good’ when you say something like that you were hurt. But it’s an important reminder that those sorts of things aren’t universal at all. Sorry if I caused a misunderstanding.



I like that you were able to find a new interest in a time that was otherwise, I can only imagine, both very painful and very boring, and that you stuck with it in the long term! It was really more a “heart” than a “like” in my intention there.



For me, just acknowldedging a significant “share”

FWIW, I get the opposite effect, in that I mention my cancer and everyone goes “oh no, that’s terrible!”, when for me it was actually a good thing. Brought about a sea change, greater happiness in life, appreciation of life, understanding of “the journey” even if mine was an easy path through it… and so on. Everything in life ya gotta talk up the positives!



I think I liked your post–I like posts when I feel someone has shared something important and significant and to show the person support. I hadn’t considered that someone might feel I was celebrating misfortune–I wouldn’t do that,



As an instructor teaching an ethnobotany class in Micronesia I was seeking plant identification apps which would function out here, not have advertising, and which were free as my students have no mechanism by which to pay for an app. I had been using PlantNet, but a recent update seemed to invalidate my prior observations. In my search for an alternative, I tried iNaturalist on Sphagneticola trilobata. When iNaturalist offered that as the first suggestion, I was sold. My students are now also using the app, although their hands down favorite species to image with the app has been Homo sapiens.



Thanks to @klodonnell for recruiting me for that bioblitz!



Thank YOU for joining us there and for being a major identifier for all the rest :grinning:

Hope to run into you during CNC!

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I found it originally due to a nature hike I went on where they wanted me to document the plants I saw. I signed up, but it was super slow and clunky and didn’t run on my computer at the time, so I got frustrated and gave up on it.

I rediscovered it a couple years ago for a mycology course I was taking, found both the site and my hardware had improved enough to make it usable, and I’ve been here ever since.

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Pretty sure I heard about it from you, @charlie :grinning:



My experience was something like @graysquirrel’s. I think I read about it and signed up in 2014, but my first look at the site was not encouraging. I must have stumbled onto a middle school project or something, but anyway I said, “Phooey, this is not serious,” and I didn’t post anything.

Then in late 2017 I took some photos at a nature center and thought it would be nice to map the observations for others to see, so I came back to iNat and it has been one discovery after another ever since. Such a powerful platform and resource.