Establishment status for sub-genus taxa

When performing a search based on establishment status, observations at the infrageneric level (like section or subgenus) don’t seem to make it into the search. For example, searching for all observations of section Piperia native to California yields 3044 observations all at the species level, but removing the “&native” produces 3452 observations. Also, searching for all observations of section Piperia at the species level yields exactly 3044 observations.

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Step 1: Observations of Piperia native to California:

Step 2: Observations of Piperia in California:

Step 3: Observations of Piperia at the species level in California:

Is there a way to add establishment statuses for taxa at a rank within genus? It seems that at least genera have some sort of native establishment status even though it’s not explicitly on their taxon page; for example, searching for Spiranthes in California yields 911 observations ( and adding the native designation yields 908 (, and searching for Spiranthes at the species level yields 827 (

Also, I’m not sure why there are 3 observations not included in that second Spiranthes search, but I managed to track down one of them:


i didn’t look super deeply into this, but just superficially, it sounds like the same problem described in other threads (probably related to reindexing issues):

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