Number of observations is incorrect

Genus Trillium:
Trillium subgenus Sessilium:

I’d expect everything on the latter page to agree with the former but there are many discrepancies. For example, the latter says that there are 4 observations of T. albidum whereas the latter says (correctly) that there are 431 observations of T. albidum.

Thanks for checking into this.


All I can add here is that if you click where it says 4 (now 5) observations in the second link, it then produces all 431 observations.

I see 431 for both.

i can confirm this, but i can also confirm the original problem when i looked at it earlier today. this problem reminds me of

UPDATE: i added a screenshot of species count mismatches over at

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I do, too, now, but I must have looked at both links 25 times earlier today and except for the 4 changing to a 5 the last time I had looked they were always the same.

Confirmed. Actually, all of the discrepancies between the two pages (genus and subgenus) have gone away. That’s good of course but what’s going on?

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It probably takes some time for the observations to reindex when the species is moved from genus to subgenus (as was the case for these Trillium species).


Here are screenshots demonstrating this particular issue:

Looks like the ElasticSearch results are potentially cached for a day.