Exclude observation by field notes in search

on this page is it possible to search by/exclude observation field tags?

I want to search Genus daviesia that have Inat plant phenology fruiting tag and exclude observations that have “Phenology (Fruiting): Old/dehisced fruit only” in observation field

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There are all sorts of ways to string together the search terms, including the observation fields (useful tips at https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/how-to-use-inaturalists-search-urls-wiki-part-1-of-2/ and https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/how-to-use-inaturalists-search-urls-wiki-part-2-of-2/). If you wanted to look for Daviesia observations that had the Fruiting Phenology annotation and this observation field, it would be pretty straightforward, but there currently isn’t a way to exclude observations with a particular observation field value.

However, I think you could do that search and download the list of observation ID numbers, then exclude them from your search of fruiting Daviesia using not_id. It would be something you’d have to do each time you want to update the search.


I got almost 2k ids of observations with fruiting id and if i append to the identify url &not_id=(number),(number),… it works

ill just add the ids as i go and hopefully the order served on inat doesn’t change. this URL is going to be long. I think URLs have a 2048 character limit though.

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I think URLs have a 2048 character limit though.

Good point…I didn’t think of that. Maybe do something with marking them as “reviewed” as you work with them, although that could get tricky if this is a group you’ve already been working in.

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