Issue with excluding annotations in search

I find searching using the URL query string very handy for modifying the search criteria by annotations. For instance, this URL uses the Term ID 1 (life stage) and Term Value 6 (larvae) to return all Lepidoptera (taxon 47157) observations that have been marked as caterpillars:

I have been trying to do the inverse of this, eg to do a search for all Lepidoptera not marked as larval stage, but it’s not working. This is what I tried:

But I am still getting caterpillar observations in my results. (I expected that caterpillars that have not been annotated as larvae will be in the results, but the results even include caterpillar observations that have been annotated as such.) What am I doing wrong?

According to the instructions, it should work. I have excluded taxa successfully before by using without_taxon_id.


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