Excluding user from Identify search

I’m doing a lot of general “Unknown” IDs at the moment and I’d like to exclude one particular user (hundreds of virtually impossible observations which I’d like to skip, then (maybe) come back to at the end). I’ve tried adding “&not_user_ID=#” where # is the user number (NOT name) to the url, but it doesn’t seem to work. Am I doing something wrong? Is there an easier way?

the correct string to add is indeed &not_user_id=

if you use their username, it will work

I wonder if this is one of the filters that don’t carry over from explore into identify? (from memory there are a few, but maybe I’m misremembering…)

it definitely works in explore at least, I just tested it

I remember reading somewhere on the forum that in Identify it only works with the user number. As the string seems OK, perhaps I’ve not identified the user number correctly.

it definitely carries over to Identify, I just checked that too
and the actual username does work in identify, so you can just use that

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Using the name seems to do the trick… I was just complicating things too much. Thanks :blush:.


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