Explore page / Species view / Higher level results not shown, but counted

When I search for all genus Senna observations in a bounding box, the total count displayed is higher than the sum of the counts for all the tiles (species) displayed:

In this use case, the search filters the observations already reviewed, in order to show only the observations not yet reviewed. Only when I have finished reviewing all observations from all the above tiles (species), appears an extra tile (genus) to show all the remaining results that were hidden (but counted in the total):

Suggestion for the fix: always show as separate tiles all the other search results.
Display a tile for each taxon level between the species level and the level of the taxon being searched for. For instance, if we search for a family, there could be tiles for the family, all subfamilies (for observations with IDs only at that level), all genus and all species.

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