Show Genus-level with the Species

Under the Species tab you get the results as a selection of species, but not the genus-level ones.
If I filter with Rank up to Genus I can get the Genus one but not the species.
How can one get the Species listed, with also entries for the Genus and such?
Cheers, David

I’m not sure I fully understand what you are asking, so let me know if I’m way off base.


If you change “high” to genus, you will get observations where the taxon is genus or lower (including species, subspecies, etc.; example). But if you were to change “low” to genus instead, you would get observations that have not yet reached a species-level ID (example).

You won’t get the genus level ones if you have a species level one in that genus. You will only get the genus level ones in your results if all the obs in that genus are at genus level. That make sense?

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Ah yes! I was missing the point of the question. In other words, only the leaves (lowest taxon observed) of each branch are displayed in the “species” tab.


Thanks, so it sounds like it can’t be done but that you have to do a separate find for every level. That does sound like it needs to be improved.
Generally when you search for e.g. Euphorbia you want to have a method that returns everything without items being missed out. So typically you might expect the species and then e.g. at the end, the subgenera (providing items ID’d to Eupherbia subgenera), and then the genus items (of items not better than Euphorbia genus).

You can filter your observations, just not the species tab.

The issue for me is to avoid having to constantly create filters… If I search for e.g. Euphorbia, then under the Species tab it would be good if it showed all the Euphorbia in the area without omission (i.e. some would go under “genus Euphorbia”), not just some. I find its omitting results is definitely a problem…
I should probably create a feature request of some shape for the situation.

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I’m going to file this as a bug report since if you remove the taxon you do get non-species levels :)

I’m really not sure I understand the problem and this shouldn’t be filed as a bug report since it sounds like the functionality is as designed. It sounds like the functionality you are expecting is what is given by the “observations” tab, not the “species” tab.

Again, only the leaves are displayed in the “species” tab. So Euphorbia will not show up as a separate square if any observations are IDed to a lower level within the genus.

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