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I have not been able to figure out how to do this, so forgive me if there is already a way.

What I want is the ability to find observations that have ever been identified at a particular level, even if the community consensus is currently something else.

I have noticed that sometimes an observation will be correctly identified at the species level by one person, but then someone else disagrees and that observation is then bumped up to a more coarse level and then gets lost in the great mass of observations at that coarse level.

It would be helpful to not have to wade through all those coarse observations to find and possibly help correct misidentified observations


Hi @bufface! I moved this from feature requests to general for now, because I’m not quite sure exactly what you are looking for, but it’s possible it already exists. Can you provide an example situation with the desired filters and example search results that would come up?

Does this approximate what you’re looking for?


Observation is currently listed as: Subtribe Diabroticina, a coarse group since there are disagreements on identity.

Looking for a way for this observation to come up in a list of results when searching for: Paranapiacaba Connexa.

How about this?


That looks good, I wish there was a button in the filters? am I blind?

Is the only way to get those results, to type in that URL?

Yep, it’s not presented anywhere in the user interface that I’m aware of…you’re not blind :)

I’d love to have a nice interface for filtering by identifications, or intersections of filtering identifications and observations (leading identifications of X taxon within Y location)…probably worthy of a feature request!


@kueda just released this new search param, ident_taxon_id=

Which should show all observations that have an active ID of the taxon you enter. For example, this should show observations which have an active Dysdera crocata ID, a commonly misidentified spider.

Caveat - this only applies to observations uploaded since yesterday. We have to reindex all observations for them to show up here, but using it now will give you an idea of how it works.


Cool!! Can it be a comma-separated list of taxon numbers, or just one at a time?

Working for me:,797562


Slightly off-topic, but is there a way to combine this with your own ID:s?

What I need is a way to filter ID:s I’ve made in order check or correct some in case I realize I’ve made a mistake with some taxon. I’d rather not browse through them all.

You can search your IDs like this: (replace ### with your taxon ID of interest)

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That will do nicely. Thanks!

…or not. I’m getting an error (500 internal error). The taxon I tested it with I have ID:d in past.

I’ll send you a message.

User error…

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