Export counts do not match up with Stats count

The Bimby Project shows as of today 3077 observations, yet when I export all, it only has 3076 observations.
I can only think the header row is included in the overall count? OR… I have a bad filter that is filtering out a record? Thoughts?

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Could an observation have been added in the time since you initiated the export? The project currently reads 3078 observations.

this observation seems to be excluded from the export: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/32061329. figuring out why it’s excluded will take further research.

with 3078 observations that should be exported, this one should have shown up as #2601, or line 2602, in the csv. interestingly, if you export a smaller subset of observations that includes the missing observation here, it will be exported in that smaller subset. so i think that means that it’s not the particular observation that has a problem.

Thank you for your response, but no - every time a new observation is added - the number of exported rows is always out by one.I think @pisum found the answer…or part of it.

Thank you. yes - this is most likely the answer. - as i was typing this I see you have provided more details. let me take a look.

hmmm… I wonder what is causing it I will continue to investigate but appreciate your responses.

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yeah, it’s strange. if i filter for just verifiable observations in the project, i should get 3021 back, but i’m getting 3019 in the download. that’s 2 missing. so there’s something deeper going on that i suspect may only be effectively understood by someone debugging the system code. that said, i won’t dig any deeper into this unless i think of some sort of magical answer in my head later.

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could it be an indexing thing? Try changing a small detail on the observation, like setting captive/cultivated and then changing it back. The “jostle” might be enough to cause a re-index that brings it back into the result set.

i don’t think so. if it was missing from the index, i think the particular observation wouldn’t show up in any results. i suspect the problem is not related to any specific observation.