Exporting project data and data ownership

In iNaturalist I see some projects where you can export data and others where you cannot.
Why is this? Also who owns the data that you export? I would like to ensure that the data in my project is credited properly or know who is exporting it, is this possible? Thank-you!

Can you share a link to the project where you’re not able to export observations? For collection and umbrella type projects, this is under “Observations” then “Export Observations” on the right side.

On traditional projects, it’s on the right side of the homepage:

OK Great, just wondering for an invited traditional project can anyone export the observations?

Yes, but unless you are the admin, you will not be able to access the actual location coordinates of any obscured records. You will only be able to get the randomized locations.

OK. Is there a way to make the data only exportable by the invited members?

No, I dont believe there are any restrictions at all on ability to export datasets, beyond the obscured locations case.

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Chris is right, and whether or not an observation is in a particular project has no bearing on whether it’s exportable by other iNat users. Anyone can go to the observations search page, enter some search items, and click “Download” in the filters drop-down, which brings them to a filtered version of the Export page: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/export

As far as whether limiting/preventing the export of observations would be a feature that would be implemented in the future, I have doubts, since iNat is a place to share data.

Also note that each user has the options to set their photo copyright and observation copyright settings (on each observation separately and also in their account settings), but as far as observation copyright goes:

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