Faster way to work through a long list of observations

I need to work through a long list of observations (a few thousand) and add identifications to each one. This is for a research project, and I want to be able to filter only observations that I’ve personally confirmed the identification of.

It’s easy enough to get a list of all the observations. But the work flow for identifying them is a bit tedious, given the speed of the inaturalist website:

  1. Search for my species, with the appropriate filters set
  2. Pick the first observation, wait for it to load
  3. Identify the first observation
  4. Return to the species list, wait for it to load
  5. Pick the next observation, wait for it to load
  6. Return to #3, repeat for each observation

It would be great if I could jump directly from step 3 to step 5, without having to come back out to the full list in between. You can do this when stepping through the observations of a single user. Is it possible to do this now, or would it require a new feature?



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I might not be interpreting correctly - are you using the Explore page? What’s an example filtered URL you are using? The URL filter ident_user_id=plantarum will show the observations you have already IDed but want to review.

Have you tried using the Identify page? There’s a quick tutorial here


+1 The identify modal should be much faster.


Ah, that’s what I needed - the identify page does just what I wanted, I was working from the observations page, which requires the extra steps.


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