Feature Request category reminder: please make no more than 2-3 requests per week


I’ve been happy to approve the many feature requests over the past day just to get some content there but please remember that the “About” topic for that category asks that each user not post more than 2-3 topics per week. So if you’ve added about that many so far, please wait until next week to add any more. Thanks!



I’ve not added anything yet, but perhaps you can speak to plans regarding bringing over old content / ideas from the Google Group to get them into the infrastructure / voting model here ?

I’m not sure what the plans are regarding keeping the Google Group active, or even monitoring or documenting of stuff that has been raised there ?



Whoops, sorry. Was mostly “seeding” the forum, partly with some requests that I made months/years ago on the Google Group which went unanswered.



Not a problem @bouteloua! It’s definitely helpful to get a bunch of things in there right now. I think that will make the voting system a little more understandable. I too was a bit weirded out by the lack of a downvote option, but I think the paucity of available votes for each user will work out once there are enough topics to really make those votes count.



I think the first decision will be whether or not we move on with Discourse. If we do, then my preference would be to close the Google Group to new posts but still make it publicly available for reference, rather than clutter up Discourse with some sort of migration.



yeah i too was just ‘seeding’ the forum. In my experience when you have a new forum it’s vital to have a good base of stuff there already if you want people to stay. That being said, I won’t add any more and you can reject the last one i posted if you want.



Again, not a big deal, I think I was mainly trying to make sure we get some norms set early, but also trying to balance that with the need to get enough topics there.



I’m almost outta votes now so need to start hoarding my ideas ;)



At first, I hated this new format, after a couple posts, I could see myself getting used to it… and within days, I am at the point of loving it… especially after tweaking account settings, it now works much more intuitively for me…

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