Feeding sunbirds

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I have watched this project grow - from a research project for Bongani Mnisi’s 2017 MSc thesis. Today the project is still very much active (on website and Facebook). I think of them when I see sunbirds feeding from Cotyledon flowers outside my window. There are no nasty red sugar water feeders here (but our birds migrate only across the Cape Flats between mountain ranges)

This project provides corridors across dense suburbia for the birds who have lost their habitat to housing and urban sprawl. An outdoor classroom for schoolkids who have no garden at home. Outreach in the iNat spirit of encouraging non field biologists to see and engage with the nature around them.

Bongani Mnisi has more than a decade of experience working in biodiversity and water resources management. He is the Head: Nature Conservation in the biodiversity management division of the City of Cape Town where he manages the largest part of the City’s Biodiversity Network including four nature reserves.


Very interesting, I would like to read more on this project. Would you mind providing a link to the website/Facebook page so that I can look at their stuff? Thanks!



Quote is from their website

And their FB


They’re doing great work!

Thanks for the links! :grin:

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