Great Southern Bioblitz! Who’s excited?!

I am! Is anyone doing anything special for the Great Southern Bioblitz? I’m looking forward to seeing all the amazing observations!


Thanks for reminding me. I had forgotten about it.

Just hoping the rain stops so that the roads don’t become impassable. Otherwise all my observations will be made within a very small area!

Looking forward! A couple of us are going to do a ‘slow blitz’. Instead of rushing about to find as many species as possible, we are going to sit in the veld and observe as much as possible by being still and attentive.

One reason is that I have realised that so many of the special observations I have made during outings, was when I was sitting down to have coffee.

It is hot and dry here already, but we hope to record many interesting things!


I will be identifying. I took me … months … to clear the backlog from the previous blitz. But we may NOT ask for ID help in the forum. So, you know. I didn’t, ask … did I?


I didn’t hear anything…

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I’m looking forward to it. It’s fun to focus more fully on all the iNat activity happening here over a few days, and interact with more of the observers and identifiers.


Forecast here is for 95% chance of rain every day of the GSB. That may seriously limit the amount of observations I can do. Perhaps I need an underwater camera!

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I’m looking forward to it! Got my first dozen or so observations in at lunch today. Hoping to find some native bush tomorrow and see what I can see.

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Cape Town has 172 species, but obs trickling in very. Slowly. This evening when photos are downloaded …

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This one is leading right now

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