File metadata field that maps to Observation Notes in web uploader

I hope this isn’t a duplicate topic but I’ve searched various terms and couldn’t find this info anywhere.

I’d like to know if there’s a photo file metadata field that will automatically “map” to the Observation Notes field in the web uploader. I upload a lot of GoPro screen shots from dives, with the corresponding videos all uploaded to my YouTube account. To prep the screen shots for upload, I use Geosetter to tag the screen shots with the coordinates of the dive site and enter the scientific name in the Windows Tags field. The web uploader reads these metadata fields to get taxon and location, but the one field that isn’t yet populated is the Notes, which is where I’d like to enter the link to a timestamp in the corresponding YouTube video.

The batch uploader template of course allows me to enter those notes but then I have to go back and drag-and-drop the photos to the casual observations that are created. I’m hoping there’s a way to tag the photos with the Notes text so I can upload my observations in a single step. Thanks!

Here’s an example of the type of Observation I’m talking about. That text with the YouTube link is what I’d like to be able to tag in the photo file so that the uploader just reads it and auto-populates from the tag, the same as it does with GPS data and taxon.

The “Caption” field (I think it’s part of the IPTC standard) will import into the Notes field. Some software labels it as “Description” and Windows labels it “Title.”

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Thank you!! That works perfectly.

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