GPS not extracted from Metadata in web uploader

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Firefox Version 105.0.3 (64-Bit)
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Step 1: Drag fotos into the upload site

Step 2: Wait for metadata to synchronize

Step 3: Location appears for some of the fotos, but not all. Photo has proven GPS metadata (see second screenshot).

I have a workflow for uploading observations where I download the raw files from my camera, add GPS data using GeoSetter, convert to jpeg with all meta data and then upload using the web uploader.
Up until a few weeks, I had no problem with the uploader recognizing the GPS in the metadata, but now it either does not find a location at all or only for some of the photos even though the Exif contains the GPS.
At first, I thought my new camera was to blame, but the observations in the upload shown are all from the same camera+folder+workflow including GPS, but location is not recognized for some, which makes no sense

Are you able to make some of these photos available for us to test? Best to use something like Dropbox or Google Drive, as the Forum strips images of metadata.

Alternatively, you can email one of the photos to

I’ve send one file where this happens to the email. Hope that helps resolving it!

Thanks! I can replicate but it looks as though the photo has GPS data in there somewhere - maybe it’s not formatted in a way we can recognize. I’ll see if our devs can take a look.

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Made a GitHub issue here: We don’t have an immediate fix and need to do some more investigating.