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Hello, is there any way one can setup a copyright license filter to projects. I am trying to create a project that will allow people to submit photographs for use on Wikipedia. However Wikimedia Commons, where the pictures for Wikipedia are stored, only accepts CC0, CC-BY, and CC-BY-SA copyright license types. is there a way to ensure that only these compatible copyright licenses are featured/included in the project?


No, you can’t add it to a project, but you can sve a link e.g. one mentioned here

You can probably get what you need without a project. If people are using CC0, CC-BY, or CC-BY-SA, I don’t think you need their explicit permission to use their content for Wikimedia, you just need to credit them appropriately and reference the license. In fact, in the account settings under those licenses, there’s a little “Wikimedia” tag which I believe is supposed to indicate that. You can use a link similar to what’s shown in the discussion Marina linked.
I was about to share a list of Explore (observation) URLs with the same photo_license tags, but upon testing it seems they may be bugged or otherwise working strangely, so for now I’d use the Photo Browser.


I am not aware of anything like that, but I’d be happy to support this as a feature request to the tech team! (I am also not sure how it works to propose such a feature)

I’ve been using iNaturalist for sourcing creative commons photos recently, and while the photo browser is a wonderful tool, the ability to filter for multiple licenses at once would be ideal, so I don’t have to cycle between all the licenses I can use while looking for photos.


Yes, this would be a useful feature. I sometimes search for photos for reference materials. It would be great when I am searching not to even look at those photos that are listed as All Rights Reserved.

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You can specify multiple photo licenses in the search URL, like so:,CC-BY,CC0 and then restrict the search using the other fields as needed.


This is a clear use case for license filters in projects:

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