Filter by license not displaying all relevant images

Platform: Web

Browser: Chrome 86.0.4240.198 (but works on Firefox 83.0 (64 bit) !!)


Description of problem:

Step 1: When looking at the images for the Giant Leaf-toed Gecko, there are 10 images from 8 different research grade observations displayed. So far, so good.

Step 2: One of these images (Photo 21177447) is CC-BY and should still be displayed when I filter the observations for this particular license type.

Step 3: However, when applying the Photo License filter “Attribution”, it returns no images, just the message “No observations yet”. See here.

As I am searching for images with a license that enables them to be shared on Wikipedia, I rely on this function to work and have no idea how many other images I may have missed on on previous searches for other taxa.

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Interestingly, when I change the “Order by” from Faves to Date Added, it does pop up:

You also have Quality Grade selected as “Any”. By default, I run searches with Quality Grade = “Research Grade” first.

I should have specified - that works with either setting for Quality Grade:
(the other photo’s observation is Needs ID, so it disappears here)

either way, definitely not working as it should.

Edit: Huh, now that I refreshed the page it does show up without changing the Order by from Faves to Date Added. Possibly an indexing error with that observation.

Yes, and my search was also set to Order by = “Faves”

and now functions correctly for me too following a refresh.

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Working for me. @loopy30 have you come across any other examples?

No, but I was not looking for this type of error and in my normal method of searching would never have found it otherwise.

In this case, I just happened to return to the “View images” page of the taxon by re-selecting “Photo Licensing = Any” after having first searched with each of the three free sharing licensing filters in place (CC0, CC-BY, CC-BY-SA) and finding no available images. I was curious to see which image was taken by a user who I already knew had observed the species and uses a default license that should have displayed the image when searched for with that particular filter applied. Normally, this absence only signifies that the observation is not yet at Research Grade, so I selected “Quality Grade = Any” and found the image. However, when I opened that observation, it was listed as Research Grade after all and should have been visible when I first searched with the filter applied. This aroused my curiosity even more and I investigated a bit further to confirm that the image was valid and still “missing” when the license type filter was applied.

I have no idea if any more of these examples even exist, or if there are thousands out there. Equally puzzling is the transient nature of the error. Within 30 minutes of finding the discrepancy, it seemed to self-rectify, perhaps as a result of some form of refresh applied!

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I suspect my reindexing of the observation (by marking a thumbs up and removing it in the Data Quality Assessment) resolved the situation. Unfortunately these indexing errors can cause a lot of different problems!

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