Cannot filter for observations with © (All Rights Reserved) photos

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Browser: Any


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Description of problem: I am managing a project ( dealing with Musa diversity. We are exporting data and pics to an external dedicated site ( Pics are exported only if they bear à CC license. © pictures are not exported. So I regularly check new observations with © pics, contact the owners and ask them if they would be ok or not to modify their license so that we can use their pics in our tool. At the beginning, I was filtering the observations of the project using this URL: But this is not working anymore, and I can’t find a way to filter the observations this way. All other CC licenses are filterable, but not the © one. Any idea?


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not sure why the license=none and photo-license=none parameters don’t work any more, but while you’re waiting on the Explore page to be fixed, i think you can still use the licensed=false and photo_licensed=false parameters in the observation search endpoint in the API to find unlicensed observations.

here’s something that might help you to view the response from the API a little more easily:

Hi @pisum

I’ve been a bit away from the forum lately. Just seeing your answer today and, yes, it seems to work!
Many thanks - and happy new year,