Filter for flags on deleted content

I’ve been going through older flags that were marked as copyright infringement and the user later deleted the photo. The process for doing this is quite tedious: There are 573ish pages of copyright infringement flags, and about a tenth or so (maybe more) of those have had the images deleted. In that case, the flag is to be resolved, as long as the user doesn’t have any other problematic content and that the issue has been handled. Resolving these old flags reduces backlog and makes it easier to look through old flags.

I’m requesting that a filter or URL parameter be added to search directly for these flags, such as content=false or something similar, to mark that the photo was deleted. This URL parameter would also include flags where the comment, observation, project, etc, was deleted and would provide a simpler way to decrease the number of unnecessary flags.

Something like this was suggested by @jdmore and @Star3 here, but a feature request was never created, nor did anyone else respond to that topic.

If you have questions about this feature please ask!

It was added!