Automatically resolve flags on deleted content

I can’t think of any reason why we would want a flag to remain unresolved after the target content has been deleted (not just hidden). Don’t delete the flag(s), just automatically resolve them, to reduce unnecessary curator workload.

Sometimes a curator or staff member needs to follow up with the user even after the flagged content has been deleted, so automatically resolving the flag might let that last part slip through the cracks.

Thanks Tony, that certainly makes sense.

Since curators and staff know how to search for both resolved and unresolved flags, I was thinking it wouldn’t be much of an impediment to someone who was specifically following up with a user.

I wonder if a filter for deleted content could be added to the flags search page? That way curators who are focusing on more “active” unresolved flags could skip over the ones where the content no longer exists. And those who are focusing on deleted content could more easily do that as well.

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Yes! When I was checking photos with resolved copyright flags on photos for my bug report (the first time and when Jim rediscovered the issue and reopened it), I had to go through 33 pages looking for flags that still had an assest in the Content column. It would have been very handy to have been able filter out all the ones where the “Content” column was “Deleted Photo” .

[redacting for consistency & an abundance of caution, even for the resolved flag]

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Closing this request. Here’s a request for a deleted content filter:

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