Filter observations by camera model

This could be difficult because some observations have photos from multiple cameras, and some photos don’t have the information at all.
here are some things I can imagine using such a feature for:

  • I have two cameras, a “Main” camera, from which I regularly post the photos, and a smaller point and shoot, where I post the observations less regularly. Sometimes I haven’t posted the photos from the point and shoot camera for a while, and I don’t remember which photos I posted last. If I could filter my observations by camera model, it would be easier to find which photos I posted last.

  • If I am looking to get a new camera, so I can see what kind of results people get using it for the same kind of thing I would.

  • Because I am curious if other people on iNat use the same camera as I do.

There are observation fields where you can input pretty much any existing parameters that come to mind, including camera model. And filter for personal observations works quite well. I occasionally use obs field to record elevation levels since i live in a mountainous place.


not exactly what you’re asking for, but here’s some data that may be “mildly satisfying”:

There are some existing observation fields for cameras. A search for camera at will turn them up:

Searching those fields may require using a search URL:


Sadly you can’t find which observations were made with each of those cameras.

Please, look into provided link.

I have read through that topis before, and there does not seem to be any way to search by camera model. For my first idea, I could use a “Camera model” field, but that would require me going back and adding it to my observations, which would take a while. I might start doing that from now though.

Well, camera model does not add automatically - life’s not that easy. Although you could use Adobe Lightroom when uploading and enter all needed parameters there i think - not completely sure.

Theres the thing called “Batch edit”, very useful to update multiple observatons - but make sure you clear your browser cache beforehand.

I’m not sure indexing all camera models from metadata would be worth it for a niche use (although I’d be pretty curious). I generally use Flickr when searching for photos taken with cameras or lenses I’m interested in.

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yeah, I don’t think I’d use this so often, and i’s not my top priority.