Create Filter by Observation Field

A observations filter for observation field would be very useful. Specifically I would like to be able to filter to show observations that have a certain observation field.

Use examples:

  • If I’m teaching a class with multiple sections and would like to search observations from a specific section
  • If I am observing multiple sections of a trail or multiple plots and would like to search observations from a specific section of trail or plot
  • If I’m browsing the map in search of habitat types

Current Filtering Options

Currently this filter is only available through several navigation steps within the Observation Fields page. Specifically, by navigating to the observation field that you want to filter by and clicking on “View more search options”. The result is a temporary filter that looks something like this:


This feature could be easily added to the current “Description/Tag” filter.

I definitely wish there were a way to do this, for instance to use filters to find all observations with the field Natural Community filled out as ‘Hemlock Forest’ and also to search for all Natural Community values for the species Hemlock. If that makes any sense at all.

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Almost nothing about will be changed until we rewrite it, and the plan is to include observations fields as best we can.

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Yeah but it doesn’t work in an editable filter without a backside URL and you can’t do it in reverse.

As a workaround until they add it, you might use tags like “Section:2”, “Plot:1F”, etc. in conjunction with a project that only includes the class to exclude the possibility of liked named tags from other sources.