Filter projects (or taxon) by observations I have not personally vetted

Is there a way, that I can filter observations within a project to exclude those I have already vetted? Or for a taxon for which I am trying to check the IDs for every record within a filtered geographic area?

By vetted do you mean reviewed? or haven’t added an identification to? or something else?

Here are observations in the KS Herpetofaunal Atlas project that you haven’t marked as reviewed:

And here are those you haven’t added an identification to:

Essentially just be sure to edit the filter to include all quality grades (Casual, Needs ID, Research Grade) and the Identify page automatically shows unreviewed observations to you. Or, search for reviewed=any observations (in the filters) and add &without_ident_user_id=twtaggart to the URL to find everything you haven’t IDed. More search tips at


Thank you.
Yes, it is specifically that project. As I go through them individually, I confirm the ID or suggest an alternative. There are 20,000+ records and I know that I have not weighed in (confirmed or made a suggestion) on them all. But, I was not able to figure out how to filter out the project records that I had already ‘vetted’.
What you have shown above, is exactly what I was needing. : )
I assume I can filter results for individual taxa, (e.g., Anaxyrus debilis) the same way.
Thank you again!


yep, exactly!


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