Can I filter out observations for which I have already provided ID?

Dear colleagues,
I’ve been identifying Tetrigidae (pygmy grasshoppers) from all over the world and Orthoptera (grasshoppers, crickets and bush-crickets) from Croatia and the Balkans, and I have encountered an issue.

So… here is example of the issue.

  1. My task is - identification of all the grasshoppers from Croatia.
  2. Chosen is taxon Orthoptera, geographical scope Croatia, and I get all the observations.
  3. Then I filter out those with research grade, and I have now observations requiring ID.
  4. I want to filter out observations for which I have already provided (any level) ID.
    5) What can I do to have only observations which I have not checked?

Thanks in advance

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You should do it from identification page, those that have your Id already should be marked as reviewed for you, you need to turn those off.


Marking something as reviewed is technically independent of providing an ID. You can give an ID and then unmark as reviewed (which I do sometimes when I still want to revisit the observation later). You can also mark as reviewed without giving an ID.

There is currently no way to filter out observations for which you have given an ID, only a way to filter them in (adding &ident_user_id=username to the search bar).

If there aren’t tons and tons, one workaround is to mark all observations as unreviewed, then filter for ones you have added an ID to, and mark those as reviewed. Then filtering for unreviewed observations is equivalent to filtering for those you haven’t added an ID to. For more information see

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Yes, and everything you said doesn’t oppose to what I wrote.

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