Filtering Observation- CR Category only

I want to observe the hotspots (specific locations) of the IUCN Listed ‘Critically Endangered (CR)’ species only, within a range of One Location (say India). While applying filters, almost all desired results could be found, I could not filter the ‘CR’ Category creatures only. Is it possible in iNAT by applying any filters/measures/tricks?

Unless India has a special arrangement, all IUCN threatened data will be obscured, so the minimum true resolution is a 28x28km cell, despite it showing up as dots.
So on an India scale it might work, but not once one goes below magisterial district.

For southern Africa we have got around this filter issue by creating projects:

Be aware that the projects cannot be edited if they have more than about 800 species in them (see and there seems to be no hurry to fix this.

If you use the API then you can use:
But it does not appear to work if you use it in the url bar.

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Hmm, I got where the barriers are.
Thanks a lot for your valuable reply explaining the issue from all angles.

Some species, even at CR, likely have open geoprivacy, so they won’t all be obscured (this is the case for some of the observations in the South Africa CR projects at least, and presumably will be for other countries as well).

In some ways, this can make it a little harder to visually summarize the data, since density is driven by at least two different representations.