Threatened filter in observations search

Can someone clarify for me how the checkbox under the filters when you go to the observations page is supposed to work.

For instance this URL returns a bunch of records in Texas,Reptilia&place_id=1&subview=table&taxon_id=547193&threatened

But according to the taxon page for the species, it is only listed with a conservation status in Mexico, Illinois and North Carolina.

And same for all of its subspecies too. So I suppose the simplest guess is that the threatened search parameter is not paying attention to geography, but just looking for any kind of threatened status added to the taxon record. Maybe or maybe not intentionally so, would have to hear from the devs.

Hmmm, but wait, unchecking Threatened returns a bunch more records for the same geographic scope (United States). Remove the geographic scope, and there is still about a 10-fold change in number of records with the Threatened parameter, and still not in places with Threatened status. So yeah, not making any sense to me either.

I’m not sure it is that. If I change the filter to Texas rather than US. I still get results.,Reptilia&place_id=18&subview=table&taxon_id=547193

However as a 2nd test, Northern Pintail is listed as threatened in several Canadian locales, but not Ontario. If I search for threatened ducks in Ontario, I don’t get any Northern Pintail

Only the ones listed in Ontario come back.

I wonder if there is some residual impact of things being added and or removed in terms of threatened status listings ?

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Any time you want to convert this to a bug report, just say the word…

Im not sure if it is a bug, or I just don’t understand the expected behaviour.


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