Find out to which projects an observation has been added



With the City Nature Challenge we managed to recruit more and more user of iNaturalist here in Luxembourg. Now we started playing around with the API so that we can make use of the data about Luxembourg here at the Natural History Museum. We do also manage some other iNat projects, mostly “traditional” ones.

A Thing that interests us is to find out to which projects the observations in our place (Luxembourg) belong to. ex. having all the observations for our country and being able to see into which projects they fall.
The information if an observation belongs to one of the “traditional” projects is contained in the .json data that I get from the API. However any information about observations being contained in the newer “collection” projects is nowhere to be found. Also when doing a csv download this information is not contained in the data-set.

I know that on the iNat website one is not able to see if ones observation is contained in an collection project one is not a member of (joined). And one can not see in which collections a observation of another person is part of.
I understand that the collections projects work differently than the traditional ones. I would imagine that adding a project ID to each observation contained in collections (there are probably a lot of collection projects by now) may be a large load on the system.

Has anyone else looked into this? Found a work around or has any suggestions?

Thanks a lot

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Data users— what are your use cases and requests for exporting data?

That would be an interesting feature request, assuming of course it can’t yet be done. As more and more collection type projects are made, being able to see what projects a specific observation is a member of (ie fits the criteria of) would be of wide interest.

If no answer is offered on how to do it (over the next week?), please consider raising it as a feature request!