Projects: Explanation sought for no tagging of included observations

Sometime ago I created a project for the Cacti of Bolivia with few restrictions. Each day I take a look to see if any new observations have appeared. This morning I saw this one needing ID so I click, go there and ID it. Whilst on the observation I noticed that it’s not listed as in the project yet that is how I got there! Strange. Can somebody please explain this.


I think the projects in wich a observation is included only appear in that observation list of projects if the observer is a participant in that project.

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I just checked the project and it is in there. It is the 1st one listed if you filter to that species.

The ‘badge’ on the observation only shows in collection projects after the user joins the project. Given the huge number of projects, both showing and calculating every project an observation can fall under dynamically every time an observation in opened would be computationally intensive.

Okay, I understand now why the ‘badge’ doesn’t appear but it’s a shame it has to be that way. I had the naive thought that project badges on an observation would advertise the existence of a project that the observer could then join. No wonder my three projects still have only me as member :)


I believe there are 50000+ projects active. It is way too intensive to iterate thru that list every time someone opens an observation.

Please, I understand. I am not asking for it to be implemented.

Seems to me projects are a way to extend news of iNaturalist’s existence into the world. By letting other people in your real life community know of its existence, you can encourage them to join iNaturalist to add their observations to your projects. Reaching out to Landcare groups for example can get you more members. Local parks, botanic gardens, and or arboretum all have their care groups, any of whom might me interested in your projects.

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