Find Some insect egg

Hello people…

Today I found a real cool egg i don’t know about this egg like which insect egg it is.

Simply i submitted in inaturalist and waiting for its exact insect id.

As a macro photographer I love to Capture nature in macro way. and identify new species.

Here are the details about that egg

  1. It’s looks in red-violet mix color
  2. Similar egg like butterfly egg
  3. Some moments on its surface

Sample captures

You need to upload it to the website, it’s likely a lepidopteran egg.


The forum is not a place to ask for identifications, you will need to upload an observation in iNat and wait for someone to provide an ID.

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Welcome to the Forum - always a lot to talk about. While I agree with the previous posts, I know that Insect eggs are very hard to identify. So post the images, but do not expect many results. Even well studied groups don’t have egg identification.

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As others have said, the forum isn’tthe place for IDs, so you should post the photos under an observationon iNaturalist.

@mamestraconfigurata is right about eggs being hard to ID, so additionally, you may also want to add it to some projects. You can also try revisiting the site if possible…maybe you’ll get a chance to see what hatches (assuming it isn’t eaten and that it hangs around) and then you can post another observation!

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Best way to identify and insect egg is to breed it and identify the adult.


Your pictures are so nice!

As this is already uploaded as an iNat observation, you may see the listing of top identifiers, people on the observation (lower right of screen, perhaps) who have some experience with IDing that organism. You may add a comment to your observation with a tag to one or two top identifiers by putting at @ sign in front of their username. (E.g., “@username, I wonder if you have time to look at this insect egg?”) That will send them a notice that you are asking for their help. Whether they respond may depend on how engaged they still are or how much time they may have to offer such help,

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It’s cool that you even found that. I rarely find insect eggs, even when I specifically look for them.

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I lucked out once and caught a pic of the adult in the process of laying!

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There is a collection project, Eggs & Egg Coverings of Terrestrial Invertebrates, that one could look at in hopes of finding comparable eggs. It can sound like a big undertaking but if one limits a search within that project for the observation’s area, it can narrow down what one looks at - in your case, I have a search for India within the project: You can further limit the search to the state or district but that might narrow the field too much. Also, within this search, one can look at these top identifiers as they may have more refined skill sets of identifying eggs than the broader set of identifiers that look mostly at the adult forms. Best of luck, I see you have been using iNaturalist since July 2021- again welcome to the forum and if it has not been extended to you, welcome to iNaturalist.


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