Insect egg reference

Does anyone know of a good reference for identifying insect eggs? There are decent caterpillar books and butterfly and other insect books but they don’t seem to show eggs. Thank you.


I did a search of Amazon, and a general internet search. Bugguide has a page of insect eggs and traces (North America) but it is not ordered so you would have to scroll through - Search - BugGuide.Net
Some pest control places seem to have guides to insect eggs, but those would only be pest species. Perhaps agricultural sites might also have some egg identification guides as well. Other than those suggestions, I don’t know of anything else.


Thank you. I’ve been seeing some interesting eggs, but don’t know who’s they are.

I think I found it on Bugguide! Swamp Milkweed Leaf Beetle. They bright orange eggs are laid in a distinct chevron pattern.
Thank you again.


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