Find species unobserved by me in a specific place

I recently found out about this feature. It’s one step toward creating a “needs” list but as @cmcheatle states it isn’t specific to a location. Does anyone know how or if it’s possible to narrow this down to be specific to a location? i.e. I have not seen Black-necked Stilt in Ontario but I have iNat obs from elsewhere in the world so even if I use this URL : whereby I’ve added place ID 6883 (i.e. Ontario), Black-necked Stilt doesn’t show up as a missing species. It would be nice if I could do a “needs” search using a command in the URL that is specific to that location. e.g. something like unobserved_by_user_id=colindjones_in_place_id=6883

I moved to this to its own topic since it wasn’t specifically addressing the request for adding the unobserved_by_user_id filter option to the app.

On thing you can use is the (experimental) Compare tool to look at differences between different queries, such as shorebirds in Ontario you’ve seen vs. everyone:

One thing is that you need to make sure you keep the search results to 500 or fewer taxa, so I just looked at shorebirds here instead of all birds. More information on structuring these search queries here:

It’s a bit buggy and due for a redesign but you can also try comparing your Life list with the Ontario checklist: (I currently get a 504 Gateway Timeout error message when trying that)



@colindjones - I was likely writing this as your question was being moved, so it is now disconnected from your question.

Colin - so long as you are doing something that allows filtering the list to less than 500 species (thus the birds seen in Ontario that have been observed here but not by you in the province would work, but something like moths, you would need to filter it to a finer family) you can do what is described here :

Thus this will show you the list:

Click the Not in Common to filter down to species youve not reported

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Looks like you were drafting this while I moved it to its own topic, so I moved your post over here.

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One thing I would suggest which I did not do is adding a filter to research grade stuff. One hugely annoying ‘feature’ is that if the location is incorrectly entered no matter how many people vote it is wrong, it still comes up on the list. Hence Yellow-eyed Penguin being listed as a species you’ve not seen in Ontario (you really should have driven to see that rarity)

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Thanks very much @cmcheatle and @bouteloua - this has been very useful!


Yeah the really frustrating part of it is seeing things on the list you know you have observed but dont have pictures of. Seriously, do I need to see Cherry-faced Meadowhawk on my list?

But it is also motivating, or at least would be in different times.

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