How to I search for species I haven't observed?

I am wondering if the search function can filter by species which I (or any specified user) has not yet observed. For example, I want to find out which species of birds, that have been observed in Oxfordshire, UK, but have not been observed by me. The starting point would be this:
I can also search for bird species that I’ve observed (not necessarily in Oxfordshire):
But is there a way to get a list of species from the first list, minus the ones on the second list?

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then replace my name with yours

Life List

Here it is.)

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@fffffffff - How does one find the place_id of a place (e.g. a Country) ??

You don’t need it, click on (x) near the place name and place search will be available, write the name there, if the place exists on iNat, it will show up.

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Rather than the lifelist function (which I find confusing, but you may prefer), you can also use Explore as normal. Just add “&unobserved_by_user_id=[your iNat username]” to the URL. For example, I’ve modified your first link to exclude species you’ve observed.

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You can use my tools: one and two, to get list of all missed species for project, place and/or another person if you want to get some more tweaks (like searching species you have missed in this project and not in iNat in general).


Thanks all, this is very helpful

That is a more visual display, thanks. 3K plants for the Cape Peninsula. Many I have seen, but need to ‘observe’ for iNat.

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Diana, you’re an absolute gem! I’ll be taking advantage of this. Thank you!

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