Find Users Who Have Observed All Of A List Of Taxons?

Is there a way to find every user who has observed a full set of taxons – for instance, anyone who’s observed all 5 of the big 5?

There may be a better way to do it, but you could just go to the Explore section, input the taxon set (you’d have to manually put them in the URL if they are not a monophyletic taxon present on iNat), and then see if anyone has observed all of them from the Observers tab

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This sounds like a job for some off-platform data analytics tools.

it’s likely possible that you could do this, but it would probably take a little bit of work. why would you want to do this?

Eh, just curious how many people have observed the Big 5, I guess. Nothing worth more than like 5 minutes of my or anyone else’s time.

there are multiple ways to answer the question, but unless someone has already built something to do this exact sort of thing, it’ll likely take more than 5 minutes to get the answer, regardless of which approach you take to find the answer.

the simplest way to do this seems like it would be to get a comma-separated list of the 5 species, and look things up in the explore page using something like this (sorted by descending species count):,41964&view=observers

… but i don’t think the page works well for this purpose if you have more than a small number of observers in total. so you may have to use the API to get the answer via /v1/observations/observers.

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