First observation of a species

I have a couple of observation where my photos are the first and only photos of the species and the taxon photos are my photos
How can I ever get a research grade for these observations? after all, there are no other photos to compare with.

See Aphanistes ruficornis and
Agrypon flaveolatum

Regards, Dorine

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You can try asking other people who are somewhat familiar with those genera.

Or you have to wait till someone who is expert in that family or subfamily joins iNaturalist.


I noticed that when I mention someones name they do not respond and I do not get notified when someone mentions me. The only way would be to send the person a message and I do not know if that is appreciated.

They may not respond, because they are busy. Maybe not on iNat every day.


I think some identifiers get a bit bombarded also, so the new notifications update might help with this when it comes.

You mean the only photos on iNaturalist presumably?
Nobody would use comparative photos alone to go to species on Ichneumons in any case I would imagine, as they are such a complex group… so it won’t make much difference if there are already existing images on this platform in any case…

P.S. Welcome to the forum!

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That is why I hesitate to send someone a message.

And yes I meant the only photo’s on iNaturalist. The most of the identifications on iNaturalist are done by people without specialist knowledge. So the way to check if the species is correct would be to compare with other photos…
Ichneumon is a complex group indeed but a lot of described species are recognizable on a good photo.

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Will this update notify me when someone mentions me?

You should already be getting notifications for mentions. I’ll tag you in a comment on one of my observations as a test.


Would you please tag me too, because it seems to me I am missing a lot of notifications recently.



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