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I stumbled across a checklist-like view of species in my county that included the first observer of each different species. Today I can’t remember how to find it. Does anybody else remember?

I thought this might be particularly motivating for people at public science nights. For example, a group I’m involved with recently had a “moth night” in a public park near me. I suspect we might have seen some county records. It’d be really fun to let the public know when they were adding value, you know?


You just want to go to the place page for the place. What county is it?

I did that and got a nice list of observations counts for each species, down to about twice.

Earlier, I remember looking at something checklist-like that had yet-to-be-observed species and who-first-observed-a-species in a place, but can’t remember how to get to it.

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Just keep in mind that “first observer” on iNat for an area doesn’t mean “first observer ever” for that area.

I’m the “first observer” on iNat for a lot of species in the country I’m working in, as well as a few globally, but most of those species have been seen and documented by others in the past, just not on iNat.


By “place page” I meant this page: You can get to a place’s page by using the header search and clicking on “About” next to a place search result. If you mouse over a taxon, you’ll see a “1st observer” badge pop up:


If you click on the taxon you’ll see more info:


Ah! That might have been the disconnect; I forgot it was a mouseover-only feature. Thanks!

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Had no idea about this feature. Just wanted to say thanks for flagging it! I’ve been clicking my way through Vietnam for about an hour now haha.

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Might the mouse-over be a setting one can toggle on/off? Or can this be blocked by adblock extensions in browsers?

The mouseover can’t be toggled on iNat’s end. Maybe a browser extension could it, I’m not sure.

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