First time logging in when already observed stuff

I was using the Android app for long time without being logged in. Then I decided to create an account and wanted to share with community. But I’m worried that my local observations so far will disappear when logging in into the app with my account for the first time.

Can anybody confirm that? Or will it take the local observations and import them to my account automatically?

Are you saying you were uploading observations from your app without having an account? Is that even possible?

If you mean that you have been looking at observations by others, then those will still exist when you sign in with your own account.

Or maybe you mean you were using the Seek app and are now creating an iNaturalist account? (I don’t know what happens in that case, but I’m sure someone here does.)

Yes, I was using Seek the android app without being logged in (which is a feature). Only after some time I created iNaturalist and wanted to log in. But I’m not sure if the observations will get lost or not.


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