Fixing journal formatting with unintentional headers

Tony, I have a related issue with Markdown formatting in a journal post. See:
My original text had a list of Cisthene species names, each preceded by a Hodges number with the hashtag character “#”. Now, apparently the Markdown parsing is eliminating those hashtags and creating some giant font size for the following text. See screen capture.
How can I work around this and still use the hashtag to begin each Hodges species number in that list?

Annother formatting glitch in a journal post: See:
This post previously had a sequentially numbered set of nine steps describing my editing and upload process. Now, with a few sentences interspersed between numbered items (or is it the paragraph ending characters?), the numbering sequence restarts at “1” each time. That’s not what I intended, and certainly doesn’t seem like a desirable Markdown outcome.
I tried using a backslash after my paragraph numbers, like “5[backslash].”, “6[backslash].”, etc. but that then eliminates the nice indented structure of my numbered paragraphs.
Is there Markdown formatting or html coding I could use to preserve my original 9 numbered, indented paragraphs?

The backslash works for these too, just use

Do you mind if the in-between text is also indented? If not, you can just add four spaces at the beginning of the line of extra text.

Generally speaking, a web search for ‘markdown’ and whatever you’re trying to do will probably give you good results. For example, I looked for ‘markdown hash character’ and ‘markdown interrupt list’.

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Well, heck, that was simple! Thanks!! Both journal entries are back to their original intended formatting.
I’m not sure I really understand what the effect of the backslash and its placement (syntax) are.


The backslash is basically to tell markdown to ignore the next thing. So where an asterisk would normally convert something to a bullet point or a hash symbol would make it big, the backslash says to use it as a normal asterisk or a normal hash symbol. You can see more here.


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