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In this forum, we can use markdown, bbcode or html to format with. I get a reminder every time I write a reply! It would be nice if we had similar in iNat comments etc, as it is clumsy to have to type italic tags around taxa so often! I had gotten so used to typing the tags, that it was not until this forum that I realised how much of a pain it is! Even if it is just italics, given that we should be using it for genus and species names, would be appreciated!



I’d like to see this, although I’ve run out of votes. Being able to add italics with a simple slash before and after a name would be nice, e.g. /Homo sapiens/



I certainly wouldn’t mind buttons, sort of like we have on the Discourse forum. I’ve gotten used to just typing the stuff (I’m a bit of a Wikian, so this level of code isn’t too terrible at all), but it really does seem a bit odd not to have buttons for the simple stuff, especially if you’re like me and cringe a bit on the inside upon seeing a specific or generic name not italicized.



Yes, it would be really nice to have a limited form of standard markdown in comments, rather than the clunky html syntax.

All that’s really needed is *italic*, **bold**, [link](http://example.com) and perhaps ![image](https://example.com/img.jpg).



I like that! We have been considering making a preview pane as well, similar to Discourse, so you’ll know what you’re posting before you actually post it.



Just in case it wasn’t obvious enough for those not familiar with Markdown from @bazwal’s comment, In Markdown you can use wrapping single asterisks for italics: *Homo Sapiens*, so using slashes would be unnecessary.

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A note that I updated the title of this feature request to refer to text formatting more generally than just italics.



Writing a spec for this but I’m not sure when it will be implemented - possibly after City Nature Challenge. Hoping we can include a preview pane like Discourse as well. I will close this topic.



Awesome, thanks!

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