'Flaggable content' section on flags

I see this has been added in the past day or so, with a note that the contents are visible only to curators and staff. Can someone from the staff please give some guidance on how exactly it works / what it does ?

It does not seem present on all flags, but example:


“The flaggable content is the primary text attribute of the flagged object at the time the flag was created. Only curators and staff can see this. Only staff can see this for messages.”

If someone edits their comment, it’s so we can see what the text was when it was originally flagged. (From a test account:)


even though comment was edited to read:


I understand the concept for a flagged message, but what is the ‘primary text attribute’ on the sample flag I attached, that’s a flagged observation. Is it the description ? Is it something else ?

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The observation description.

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