Flora and fauna of the Atlas Mountains

Greetings! I wanna touch on the plants and animals of Morocco’s Atlas mountains for my homework assignment currently. I’m looking for plants that lie on the forest floor and those that shelter creatures to help protect from those that prey on them. I’m also looking for more species of insects, fungi and stuff like that. I wanna find out if giraffes existed in Morocco centuries ago and were there some historical evidence to prove it? Please let me know in this forum. Thanks!

This ESRI story map page has some good introductory information and links to further sources. You might start there and use the links to get a better idea of what you need to be searching for to get the detailed information you want.

Since it’s a homework assignment, I won’t provide further links, but I’ll make some suggestions:

  • Look at the references in any academic papers you read, those will give you a lot more sources to work with.
  • Use Google Scholar, and look to see if paywalled papers are legally available on ResearchGate.
  • Make use of Google’s boolean search options, even just the quotes to include specific words or phrases, and the minus (sometimes with quotes) to exclude terms that keep coming up in your search, can make a really big difference.

Good luck on the assignment.


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