"Flora DALL·Eensis": botanical specimens created with AI

Perhaps, but I thought of a perhaps more insidious use. This wasn’t DALL-E, but a different AI art generator; as part of my prompt, I mentioned redwoods. Now, redwoods are distinctive enough that a decent AI can generate images recognizable as such.

It occurs to me that this could, if used nefariously, do more harm than creating nonexistent species. Generate images of redwoods – which our CV can correctly identify as such – and put in whatever fake location you want. You could create the impression of a taxon being much more widespread than is actually the case, and without the risk of a reverse image search finding out where the picture was actually taken.

that sounds like more effort than just stealing photos of real redwoods, which happens all the time. Seems unlikely to come up, but i am always surprised by the odd misuses people come up with to use inat

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